4 Keys to Staying Motivated When Working from Home

Whether you’ve quit your 9-5 and are starting out on your own or working in the evenings to launch your side hustle, it can be difficult to stay motivated when working at home. It’s easy to get caught up with TV, family, chores, and variety of other distractions. I’m the type of person that “can’t” work until my house is completely clean so when I started it was extremely important for me to find ways to stay motivated and not use cleaning and tidying as an excuse to procrastinate.

Your business deserves all of the time and attention that you can spare, whether that is one hour a day in the evenings or a full workday. Use these 4 keys to help you stay motivated and make sure that the time you spend growing and building your business is used in the most productive way.


Set Clear Goals

Few things are more deflating than feeling like you’re working hard without making progress. Take some time to reflect and think about why you started your business in the first place. Want to quit your 9-5 and take your side hustle full-time? Looking for a more flexible lifestyle? Financial freedom? Whatever the case may be, envision what that would look like. How your life would change. Then, set goals that reflect those outcomes. This may be a certain income number, client load, or simply launching your business.

Once your goals are set, use them as motivation by remaining focused on them on a daily basis. Write them on a post-it note that stays on your desk. Reflect on them over your morning coffee each day. My goals are listed on my desktop background so that I can’t escape them! This constant reminder will help you stay energized and motivated that you are working toward a bigger picture – rather than getting bogged down in your day-to-day routine.


Designate a Workspace

We’ve all been there – sitting on the couch with our laptops open and the TV on. This works well for some tasks (I’m writing this blog post on the couch) but for others where you need to be able to focus, it’s important to set aside a workspace where you can be as productive as possible. It can be as simple as a desk set up in a spare bedroom, rented studio space, or just a quiet coffee shop. Creating a space that is dedicated to focused work will help you maintain your momentum and motivation. Working consistently in the same space triggers to your brain that it is time to focus and be productive and helps eliminate distractions.

I recently received an email from Poppin that said “make your desk a destination.” I love the way they put it. Wherever you set up your desk, make sure that it is a space that inspires, energizes, and motivates you. Surround yourself with photos, quotes, and reminders that encourage you to work hard.


Gather Your Support System + Share Your Vision

One of the toughest things about being a solopreneur is the feeling that you have to do everything on your own. Make a point to find others that are on similar journeys and create a network of support that you can use to share ideas, encouragement, and struggles. If you don’t know of anyone off-hand, there are many communities that you can join online to help you along your way. From Pinterest to LinkedIn and other social networks, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs so that you never feel like you are on your own.

Choose one or a few people that you’re comfortable with to serve as your accountability partners. Share your vision with them and empower them to help keep you on track. It’s easy to push deadlines when you’re the only one who knows about them. Having a support system to help keep you on schedule will make sure you stay motivated when it’s easy to procrastinate.


Stick to a Schedule

Speaking of schedules, be strategic about planning for your time. This applies both to your day-to-day and your business plan. If you’re trying to launch your business, choose a date that everything will be live and stick to it! Then, you can work backwards and identify milestones that you need to reach in order to hit your deadline. For a little help with that planning process, check out this Side Hustle Starter Kit.

Plan your days so that you set aside time for each aspect of your business. Your calendar doesn’t need to be scheduled out minute by minute (unless you work best that way), but make sure that you block out time for client work, marketing, and tracking your goals. This will help you get in a routine and make a habit of being productive. I finish each workday by noting the tasks that I completed and creating a list of the key things I need to achieve the following day. That way, I start my morning with a sense of purpose and don’t get bogged down in social media or emails.

Building and growing a business can be such a grind. It’s easy to get distracted, discouraged, or drained when you don’t have systems in place to overcome those feelings. Remember, your business is important, so use these strategies to stay motivated and dedicated to growing it and sharing it with the world.

What are the specific ways that you stay motivated when working from home? Help a girl out and share them below!

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