48 Hours in Boston


Your. Girl. Could. Eat. Pasta. All. Day. Every. Day. So, when a friend recommended this cute spot down by the wharf in Boston for a date night, I didn’t need any convincing. Jamie and I had one night to ourselves the whole weekend, so we dropped our bags off at our Airbnb, changed clothes, and grabbed an Uber to our dinner reservation.

First of all, I’m all about ambiance at restaurants and Mamma Maria does not disappoint. Positioned on the corner of a cobblestone street in the North End, you feel like you’re stepping back in time as you walk through the door.

Now, let’s talk food. I’m not lying when I say this is the best pasta I’ve had all year. I’m pretty simple when it comes to food, so I got the Bolognese and it was superb. Seriously, I could have eaten two full servings (plus the appetizer). Jamie, of course got the lobster (or should I say lobstah). When in Boston, right?

We had such a great meal and as it was our first night in the city, we decided we’d walk back home. Real geniuses, Jamie and I.

Guys, it was literally an hour walk back. After eating an obscene amount of pasta and drinking alllll the wine.

We made it like three quarters of the way back and then gave up and called an Uber.


Cambridge is a super cute little town right across the river from Boston proper. We spent a morning wandering around campus and munching on breakfast pastries from Flour Bakery.

We were there during the summer, so it wasn’t super crowded and we just strolled around campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. They have the cutest New England style houses and amazing architecture.

And I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t quoting Elle Woods the entire morning. Poor Jamie.



Ok two big things when it comes to the Freedom Trail:

Brush up on your Revolutionary War history. Don’t panic, I’m not saying you need to pull out your high school papers, but it would have been nice to remember the major players as we walked through the city because there were some real badasses back in the day.
Wear comfortable shoes. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Guys, it’s a walk. I had blisters and was getting terribly whiny by the end (and we really only walked half of the trail). Alternatively, they offer trolley-type tours which would probably kill two birds with one stone since they come with knowledgeable tour guides.



Since we only had a couple of days in Boston, we spent most of our time knocking out the “touristy” spots but did steal an hour or two to grab a drink with some friends in Southie. Coppersmith has this really cool industrial vibe and a large rooftop deck that we took FULL advantage of on one of the first nice weekends in Boston.

Definitely a young professional crowd and located in the middle of an up and coming area of town.

It was a gorgeous day and, after walking about a million miles, a nice cold drink and rooftop breeze hit the spot.

Not to mention I got to catch up with an old coworker and friend who I hadn’t seen in about a year. We actually worked together in Atlanta, I saw her last year in NYC, and then this year in Boston.



Do you really think Jamie would have let me leave the city without making it to a game at Fenway? He had actually been before – but just for a tour, not a game. We left Coppersmith and grabbed an Uber to change clothes before we headed to the ballpark.

One of my brother’s old teammates works for the Red Sox now and was able to get us tickets and field passes so that we could watch batting practice before the stadium opened.

Hellooo being 5 feet away from the players. It was also so cool to be on the field at such a historic stadium.

After batting practice, we grabbed a hot dog and beer (duh) and made it to our seats to enjoy the game. As we watched, I couldn’t help thinking that this was what baseball was supposed to be like – the fans were passionate, the stadium was full, and the beer was cold.

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