5 Easy Ways to Generate Blog Posts (without having to start from scratch)

Content, content, content. As a business owner in this social media world that we live in, we hear over and over again that content is king. Connecting with your audience through blog posts, photo, and video content is crucial to building a brand and engaging an audience of potential customers. But, how are we supposed to have time to create this content when, you know, we’re actually running our businesses?

Social media accounts and blogs can feel like a dark cloud over your head or a weight on your shoulders – you know you should be posting more than you are, but you just don’t have time to sit down for hours and write or plan posts.

If you find yourself too busy to write posts from scratch, try one of these strategies to generate content from your day to day work life!


Bring your audience a different perspective by interviewing someone you admire or an expert in a related field. There are a couple advantages here – first, you get great content to share with your readers and it only takes you a half hour of conversation time! Beyond that, this is a great way to make connections with fellow entrepreneurs or, should I say, potential partners. Think about your DREAM partner. Who you’d love to be able to interview – this is a great excuse to reach out to them. Oh wait, a third advantage, when you feature another influencer on your site, they’ll likely share the post on their own channels. This means you get additional reach for your site.

Record Calls or Meetings

Feel like your best advice comes “in the moment”, talking to clients or brainstorming in meetings? Don’t lose those nuggets of wisdom! I either record my calls or take notes directly after conversations to remind myself of the key takeaways that would likely be relevant to my audience. This is especially true for strategy sessions and brainstorming.


Share your expertise with a tutorial. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we do things every day that others would love to know how to do. Being aware of that makes it easy to take notes. Film yourself doing your work, write down step by step tutorials for a unique task you’re taking on, or just re-purpose instructions that you give your employees into a blog post!


The people have questions, you have answers! Keep a running list of questions that come up more often than not. Even better, use Instagram’s new “Poll” feature to find out what your audience is curious about in the moment. This way, when you’re struggling to be creative and come up with a blog topic, you have a list of things that people are interested in!

Takeover/Guest Blogger

A little twist on the Interview idea, showcase a fellow entrepreneur, expert or business owner with a blog takeover! This would be perfect for someone that you’ve recently hired yourself or someone who provides a product or service that your audience is interested in and you don’t provide yourself.

Relate to Current Events

I know, I know, this is technically 6 ways but consider it a bonus. Has something been in the news that relates to your products or services? Take the article and add your commentary or reaction to their conclusion. Link out to the original article and share your thoughts!

With many of these, the key is to just keep a notebook, Google Doc, or general list of ideas that come up in your day to day work. Then, when it comes time to post, you have an outline started and don’t have to stare at a blank screen!

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