5 Systems to Outsource to Increase Efficiency

When you start your business, you end up taking on all functions of the company by necessity. You’re the CEO, sales team, and janitor all at the same time. As you grow, you have the luxury of starting to specialize. You may hire your first team member or enlist the help of an outside agency.


The quickest way to accelerate growth? Spend time doing the things that are going to push your business forward and drop the rest.



Find yourself wasting hours logging expenses and projecting finances? Not only will hiring an accountant help free up valuable time, it will likely help you become more profitable as well. There are accountants that specialize in small businesses and work on an hourly or retainer basis so that you don’t need to hire a full-time employee if you’re not ready.

In the meantime, tools like Wave and Quickbooks can help automate the process until you’re ready to fully outsource.



Logistics and scheduling can be a massive time suck if you’re managing people, meeting with clients, or even just scheduling sales calls. It may be worth considering hiring a virtual assistant or someone to manage your calendar and handle all of the logistics for meetings and calls.

You may also have them screen your emails and file them appropriately or call attention to those that need a quick response.


Not ready to invest in a virtual assistant? There are plenty of software options that can help you manage your schedule without the upfront cost. I use Calendly to allow my clients to add their calls to my calendar automatically.

Content Creation

This one is a no-brainer. How many hours each month do you spend on social media or managing your blog? It’s especially poignant when you consider the return you’re getting on your time spent.


As your company’s greatest asset, you need to focus on the activities that will yield the highest return. Nine times out of ten, that activity is NOT content creation.


If you’re a subject matter expert, it may be difficult to replicate your expertise with someone else writing your content. If that’s the case, write your blog posts as efficiently as possible. Then, have someone break it into social media content and handling the posting.


As your team grows, your HR and legal needs will as well. Don’t risk your company with the DIY approach. There are plenty of outsourced options if you’re not ready for a full-time HR employee.


Not only will eliminating this responsibility help you become more efficient, but you’ll reduce liability on yourself by hiring the experts.


Anything You Suck At

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but often overlooked. What tasks do you take on that are an absolute struggle for you? Do you have projects that take WAY longer than they should because you have to figure it out each step of the way or absolutely hate the whole process?


Find someone else that specializes in those tasks to clear them off your plate and elevate the results. So, instead of you half-assing the project, you can take advantage of the expertise of someone who is experienced and passionate about it.


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