Be Who You Want to See in the Market

Guys, I’m obsessed with branding. I love a good brand that truly knows + connects with their audience. Because that’s what it’s about, right? Not just the design, or the website, or the tagline, but how well you actually engage with the people you’re trying to reach.

So, a couple of years ago, I built my first website + started out as a “business coach.” All was good, I got my first several clients, + I was truly an ENTREPRENEUR (*sarcasm intended).

But as I looked around at all of the other “business coaches”, I felt SUPER out of place. They all seemed focused on motivational language + really crazy claims like “gain your first 10,000 followers THIS WEEK.” I tried to fit in for a while, but it just felt wrong.

It pissed me off that I didn’t feel connected to the content I was writing or the way I had positioned myself. How could I expect people to engage with me when I wouldn’t if I were them?

Let’s be honest, I have way too much of an authority problem to follow anyone who calls themselves a “coach.”

All of this was on my mind when I was sitting in the audience of a conference last month. I had just finished speaking and was listening to the panel that followed when one of the panelists said something that I’ve repeated in my head every day since:

Be who you want to see in the market.

When she said that, everything clicked. My clients are really similar to me, so I needed to create a brand that appealed to ME.

Be who you want to see in the market.

I love following women who are driven, business minded, and chill. Cool girls who know their shit. Who have conversations with their audience instead of preaching to them. Who are REAL.

So, I turned my website and online brand around. I no longer am a “business coach” (though I do help people grow their businesses). Instead, I’m an open book. I’m a conversation over coffee (or cocktails) about what you’re struggling with in your business. I’m a practical advice + tough love giver.

I write about marketing, business, my travels, and other things that are important to me and that my business allows me to do. Hope you’ll follow along!

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