How to Create Content that Connects

Do you ever feel like the internet is so overloaded with blogs and influencers that it’s tough to have an original thought? Like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle to gain followers, drive traffic to your blog, and just get your message across? Feel like you’re shouting into a black hole?

It can be hard to feel like you’re wasting time creating content and engaging on social media without seeing results in your business’ bottom line. When it comes to content, the key is CONNECTION.

Think about the accounts, influencers, and experts that you follow. What keeps you engaged? Humor? Valuable content? Gorgeous photos?


Be Relatable

Even within your business accounts, people want to connect with YOU. Gone are the days where brands could use traditional advertising messages to sell their products and services. Now, it’s all about relating to your audience and it’s tough to do that if you’re hiding behind your logo. Use social media to give followers a peek into your life, the process of running your business, and client interactions. A great way to do this is through video content like Instagram Stories.


It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, but so worth it to connect with potential customers and build an engaging and valuable brand.


How to get people to relate to you? Be real. Inject your personality into your content. Let go of the pressure to be perfect and focus on connecting. I like to speak my captions and blog posts out loud before typing them out so they don’t become too robotic.

Customize Content for Each Channel

The quickest way to turn people off is by not sharing content that’s appropriate for the channel. As you build your content strategy, consider how people engage with each type of post.


Facebook: As the OG social media platform, most people have a pretty good handle on Facebook. I typically like to share links to my blog posts or other interesting articles, business updates, and videos through my Facebook page. In general, Facebook is a bit more polished, so any videos that I post are typically edited more than say…


Instagram: You know Instagram is all about the visuals. What you MAY be overlooking is the importance of your feed. Consider how your account page looks when potential new followers click over to it.


IG Stories: Instagram Stories are the perfect way to share your behind the scenes content or day-to-day happenings. Unedited, raw video. Photos that wouldn’t fit in with your feed. Stories also offer a great way to engage with your audience through polls or questions.


Blog: Share long form content on your blog. This could be tutorials, strategic advice, clients success stories, or business updates. Then, use the other platforms to drive traffic to the blog.


IG TV/Youtube: IG TV is fairly new, but is looking to compete with Youtube for longer form video content. Great for those of you who VLOG or have video content that you want to share.


Twitter: Short snippets of information are great for Twitter. This is the only platform where images are optional, but still recommended as often as possible.


Keep it Simple

The best way to connect online is to keep it simple. Ask yourself these three questions with every piece of content that you share:


What does it MEAN for my readers? In other words, why do they care? Create and share your content with your reader in the back of your mind. Talk about them, not yourself. Share end results, not the services or products that you offer.


Why am I different? What twist or different perspective do you bring to the topic that you’re talking about? Determine how you’re different and inject that into everything you share. This will become your brand and why people follow you.


What is the bottom line? Be straightforward in the content you share. You’re fighting for attention and you only have a few moments (if that) to prove that it’s worth reading or watching. But, don’t let that intimidate you – use the challenge to create content that grabs readers by sharing EXACTLY what they’ll learn or why they should interact with you.

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