How To Drum Up Business Before the End of the Year

You’ve found yourself just a few weeks from the end of the year and coming up just a little short from your revenue goals. It’s not time to throw in the towel just yet! Here are a few ways to boost business over the holidays:


Upsell to Current Clients

The hardest part about finding new business is reaching new clients. So, work to find a way to add value for your CURRENT clients. They already trust and like you, so how can you offer additional products or services to increase sales over the next few weeks.


The easiest way to do this is to offer a complementary product or service. Consider what you’re already providing and how you can build on that. How can you solve the next problem?


Don’t have a complementary product or service? Find a partner that can provide something to your clients and set up a partnership referral fee for setting them up.


Implement a Referral Program

The second best option beyond selling to your current clients is to have them act as your sales team. Motivate and incentivize your contacts and clients to refer their network with a referral program. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with lost contacts.


This can either be in the form of an ongoing program or a time-sensitive campaign.


An ongoing campaign could be as simple as offering a referral fee for clients who send new customers your way. Something time-sensitive could take advantage of the holidays and have a deadline.


Promote a Giveaway

The holidays are the perfect time to use a giveaway to build awareness for your company as well as generate new clients. Offer a prize, a free service, or product you create in exchange for building your email list or social media following.


As a result, you’ll increase your audience and demand for the product or service that you’re offering. Collecting email addresses of those people who enter the giveaway will also allow you to promote a discounted product or service to those who don’t win.

With the giveaway, consider all angles for how it can benefit your business. Do you want people to record videos for why they would benefit from winning so you can use it in future marketing materials? Do you want to incorporate a partner business as a way to kickstart a longer-term partnership? Use each aspect to your advantage.



If you have a marketable skill, consider listing your services on a freelance site like Upwork for Fiverr. While the fees may be a bit lower than you typically charge, it’s a great way to get a few quick projects to boost your revenue.

Those quick projects could also lead to follow-up work either throughout the rest of the year or into the next.



The quickest way to meet new clients is to MEET NEW CLIENTS. Use the abundance of events and networking opportunities around the holidays to strategically connect with potential clients.


Use the networking approach as a supplement to your giveaway and referral programs. Not only does this give you a cool thing to talk about as it relates to your business, but it encourages brand awareness as well.

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