STOP UNPLANNED POSTING: Steal My Content Calendar

YOU NEED A CONTENT CALENDAR. Look, we’ve all been there, stressed and staring at Instagram trying to figure out a clever caption because we just realized that we haven’t posted in 3 weeks.

Life happens and it’s tough to stay on top of the content that you need to share across all of your business platforms. That’s why, I’m telling you, a content calendar will change your life.

All the sudden, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and you’ll have so much time to dedicate to actually RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS.


It’s Efficient

Think about how many hours each month you spend trying to get content and post to social media, your blog, etc. Seriously, how much time are you wasting scrolling and stressing? Planning your content for the month gives you the power to block out time once a month and knock out all of your posts for the next several weeks. This makes it easy to craft social messages that promote your blog posts or videos, ensure all of your content is working together, and get in a rhythm.


I typically block out several hours on the first of the month to draft everything for the following month. So, on August 1st, I outline all of my blog posts, social calendar, and webinar information for September. Then, I go back and review and revise a week or so later. Finally, I get it all scheduled before September hits. Rinse and Repeat.


It’s Strategic

Let’s be honest, do you feel like your social accounts are a strategic asset to your business? Or are they just there – you post to them because you feel obligated, but don’t feel like you’re getting a lot of traction. It’s tough to be strategic when you’re posting at random. When you plan out your content in a calendar, you can effectively promote events that are coming up, make sure you include calls to action with each post, and relate to your followers much more strategically.


For example, I typically choose a theme for each month and build out all of my content around that topic. This month is Content Marketing, in case you hadn’t noticed. This is great because it gives readers batches of information if they’re seeking posts about a particular topic. So, if someone is interested in a webinar about the 5 Keys to Content Marketing, chances are that they’ll also enjoy my related blog and social posts.


It’s Consistent

No more panicking about trying to find something to post so your followers don’t forget that you exist. You can schedule your posts, know they’re being posted, and set your focus elsewhere. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much consistency matters when it comes to growing your audience.


I know, I know, planning out a month’s worth of content is tough to do when you’re starting from scratch. So, here’s a little bit of a head start:



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